About Me

Anna Marie Bowers has always been curious about the mind-body connection, studying Yoga, Transcendental Meditation and Psychology in her early twenties. As a result of her own search for balance following health challenges in her thirties, Anna Marie found the Trager® Approach. She was privileged to work with Dr. Milton Trager, the founder of the work, and became a Certified Trager Practitioner in 1983. She maintains an active Trager practice in Northeastern Ohio while continuing to learn.

The aspect of her Trager practice that has had the most profound effect is the daily practice of Mentastics®. Mentastics is an invented word, created by Dr. Milton Trager to explain the mind/body connection. Mental (mind) plus Gymnastics (body movements) equals Mentastics.

These are simple movements of a body part with awareness of weight, movement quality, and ease.

A daily practice of Mentastics increases self-awareness as a result of the intimate connection between body and mind. Self-awareness produces improved self-care and enhanced quality of life. Anna Marie looks forward to sharing her Minute Mentastics with you.

Interview with Anna Marie and Demo of Trager Session

Trager for Daily Life