Minute Mud Movements


Weeks of torrential rain leaves large portions of the field full of oozing wetness and mud. It is a muck that sucks your boots down like quicksand with each step. The sky is gray, the rain finally stopping. I pull on the rubber boots for mud and rain.

Taking 20 seconds to be aware of my mud movements, I feel the sinking of my first foot deep into the mire that was ground. Then the weight of the second boot as it begins to sink. Lifting the first foot, I sense it rise up separately against the rubber as if leaving the boot behind. There is a slurping sound. Both foot and boot lift, momentarily free of gravity before the next footstep.

I walk this way across the field, noticing the weight of each step as it lands, feeling each foot momentarily free before sinking again. The movement creates a repeating pattern of weight and freedom.

Later when back in the house without shoes, without boots, I notice my walk, experience my feet as they land, lift, lunge forward, and land again. It is easier.

Mentastics Minute:
– feel your feet walking on various surfaces with and without shoes
– notice the weight of the shoes