The Cats Need a Morning Minute


Cleaning litter boxes is not my favorite part of owning cats. Forgetting to clean the litter box daily has consequences. The CATS decide where to do their business while I am gone.

I was so tired when I went to bed I forgot my phone was set to vibrate. Mornings are dark in the early winter, sleep comes easy. I wake abruptly to the sound of loud mewing.

My mind rapidly fills with ‘to do’ lists and the tight schedule for the day that will now need adjustment because I am late. I rush to put down food and water, get dressed quickly, run down the stairs to clean the litter box. Taking the stairs two at a time back up to the bathroom to wash my hands, a Mentastics Minute is the last thing on my mind.

Actually I am irritated.

I turn the hot handle on the faucet. It is taking a very long time for the water to get warm, and my foot is tapping impatiently on the floor. I glance quickly at the mirror convincing myself I am fit to be seen in public.

I am frowning and there is tightness in my jaw.

As the water begins to warm, I pause for 3 seconds and ask myself, “What would it feel like if your jaw was relaxed?” My muscles respond to the question, the tightness leave my face, neck and shoulders.

Irritation is quickly replaced by awareness.

Mentastics Minute: Use a last minute glance in the mirror to notice your face
– what would it feel like if your jaw was relaxed?
– watch tightness leave your face, neck and shoulders in response to the question.