Pause Again


Finally my body is feeling better, and I am starting back into the pattern of activity that is my life.  When I pause,  I realize both my mind and my body are tired today.

Tired can mean a lot of things, but for me, it means there is a need to pause again.

Physically pausing for one minute interrupts the pattern of physical activity. Gives time for the body to feel.

I remember a vacation in the mountains. At first light of dawn, a vacation day with no responsibilities. The sleep was wonderful, the accommodations comfortable. A first awareness of my body awake, I reach one hand above my head, stretching through the body, breathing deeply. My body wanted to luxuriate in this stretch for more than one minute.

Mentally pausing for one minute interrupts the background pattern of mental chatter. In the space of one minute, the mind can feel the stretch, can breathe.

I remember a time near the sea. Closing my eyes I heard the waves, the wind, the seagulls. Opening my eyes I saw the colors, the movement of the water, the rhythm of waves. My mind wanted to feel this space for a long time.

The memories are there and I recall them often when there is a need for a pause.

Mentastics Minute
– Pause for one minute to stretch the body, breathe into the movement, before getting out of bed in the morning.
– Pause for one minute to gift the mind with space to think — breathe, listen, look.