Whether you neatly sort or throw clothing in a pile across the room, at some point you need to do laundry. I remember when my sisters and I all had young children at home. The piles of laundry seemed to reproduce at night while we slept!

Today the basket overflows with bed linens.

Carrying the full basket to the washer, I noticed the weight in my arms as I walked down the stairs and across the basement. I shifted my arms slightly to better use my biceps[i]. I threw the sheets in the washer and set the timer to remind me when to move things to the dryer. I went back upstairs and continued writing.

When the laundry finished washing, I opened the dryer and cleaned the lint trap. Opening the washer and leaning over the deep tub, I reached for the first wet sheet.

I felt my shoulder complain. I set my timer for one minute, moving the heavy wet sheets from the washer into the dryer one at a time. I realized this part of the process is normally quick and hurried, and wondered what it would be like to notice how my body moved. What is the weight of one wet sheet? How does it feel to use one hand? Both hands? Shake it out over the washer first before putting it in the dryer?

The deeper machine means often I lean against the front as I stretch my arm down. Reaching for the last pillow case, I found myself on my toes.

With each item I weighed it in one hand, transferred it to the other, tossed it in the dryer.

By the end of one minute, I laughed. For the first time since… well, forever… I had fun doing laundry!

Mentastics Minute
Transferring clothing from the washer to the dryer
Set a timer for one minute

  • Open the dryer and clean the lint trap.
  • As you open the washer, notice the position of your feet. Shift back and forth.
  • Are you leaning against the front of the machine as you reach for the wet clothing?
  • Weigh each piece in one hand before transferring it to the other hand to toss into the dryer. How does that feel?
  • Do you need to stand on your toes to reach the last item?
  • What new experience did you have? What did you learn?


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