A Change in the Air


In this unusual and unexpected time of change and upheaval, I find the day still begins with sunrise. The stay at home, work from home order in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic means more days to sleep later. Today, however, I woke early, turned the coffee on and paused to look out the window.

The barest hint of red in the sky combined with the view of frost on the car compelled me to grab my camera and go outside in my slippers and pajamas. I wanted to capture a picture of the patterns in the ice on the car window before the air warmed. I thought the neighbors might think I was crazy, but I wondered what those patterns would look like.

I expected to see some interesting snowflake-like shapes and zoomed in. Immediately I saw the shapes of trees…and flowers and leaves.

Fascinated, I photographed so many bits of frost on the glass that I was glad I grabbed my coat on the way out the door.IcePattern-450

Finally, my fingers cold, I told myself just one more picture. On this last window I suddenly saw the reflection of the sunrise emerging beneath the frost, both held momentarily together in one image. Mesmerized, I smiled. Pausing to ponder what I saw, I took several slow deep breaths before hurrying inside to see the pictures on my computer.

Mentastics Minute
Early in the morning when there is frost on your car windows
(stand off to the side so you are not reflected in the glass)

  • Take one minute to look closely at the patterns in the ice on the window
    • What do these patterns look like to you?
    • What reflections of the world around you do you see beneath the ice?
  • Experiment with light and dark
    • Do you see different patterns depending on how much light there is?
  • Write something about what you experience
    • Share it with someone else

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