You CAN Touch This


As a person whose career involves touch and movement, I struggle with the current Covid-19 environment. Guidelines suggest limiting physical contact with everyone except those who live in your home. Even then, contact depends on their occupation and risk factors.

Many people live alone.

Washing my hands all the time, planning and reconsidering who and what I touch. These efforts create dissonance in my mind-body system. I spent the past thirty plus years developing a deep sensitivity in my hands. Hands that sense tension and bring comfort, ease, and relaxation feel off course.

On a sunny day I would go outside and begin to clear the leaves from the flower beds just to use my hands and feel the earth. In Northeastern Ohio we can still have frost and snow for two more months. Uncovering the emerging plants too early could expose them to the cold too soon. Nothing is ready to plant yet.

I own a device I wear on my wrist reminding me to move throughout the day. Sometimes I pay attention. But walking stairs and moving inside the house has limitations. I need time outside several times a day regardless of the weather.

This morning the ten minute walk was cold. I took a deep breath and saw dew still on the grass. Bending down, I slowly ran my fingers over the wetness on the lawn. The small droplets of water were cool. Holding the living blades of grass between my fingers, I noticed their warmth in contrast. Interesting…

Mentastics Minute
Go outside in the early morning and set a timer for one minute…
Spend ten minutes in nature in the early morning no matter the weather

  • Bend down to notice dew on grass
    • Touch the water gently, feel the coolness
    • Notice the warmth of the living blades of grass near the earth.
  • If you live where there is no grass, notice the early morning dew on a building, a car, the sidewalk
    • Touch the water gently
    • Notice the temperature of the water and the object it sits on
  • Wonder what it will feel like to touch objects in nature, then do it
  • What did you enjoy about the experience?


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