A Window of Time

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It all started with a window of time.

I joined a group of people committed to work from creating blogs to finishing books in one year. I knew nothing about blogging and tentatively tested a beginning relationship with social media. Although writing and journaling fill the edges of free time in my day, I admit the boxes of written material collect dust in our home. I proudly claim a single rejection letter from the one time I bravely submitted a children’s book to a publisher.

Attractive elements of the blogging program included the words free and library. Curiosity about what it would feel like to do this pulled me from my preferred private life. I pushed the terrifying thought of sharing my writing publicly to the back of my mind. I also chose to ignore the final goal of writing a book along the way.

Weekly gatherings to workshop my writing went from unexpected hurdle to collective support and encouragement. I established a weekly writing habit in the beginning to meet deadlines. I now realize my day moves better when I write. Simply showing up and participating every week set up the conditions for an amazing personal journey.

August arrived and with it the suggestion to begin formatting our books. I immediately felt overwhelmed and terrified anew. I enjoyed the blogging and felt comfortable with my established writing pattern. I did not want change. Actually, I quit writing altogether for four weeks.

Then I decided to read my own blog from the beginning. As I studied my stories, my patterns, and my suggested Mentastics, a new image began to form. I could see the faint outlines of my book.

I spent September free time crafting my book, neglecting my blog. I believe multi-tasking is a myth.

This blog journey began with riding a bicycle and a curiosity about the mind-body relationship. The journey continued with my exploration of this connection in the everyday activities of my life. Along the path I shared these stories in a way that hopefully empowers others to find their own Mentastics, their own body-mind links, their own stories.

A window of time gave me a view I will remember.

I look forward to sharing even more in Minute Mentastics Year Two which will start mid-October.

Mentastics Minute
Set a timer for one minute

  • Sit (or stand) by a window. Notice everything you see through this window.
  • If the window is open, pay attention to any sounds you hear.
  • Inhale deeply, exhale slowly.
  • Bring your awareness to your body and shift position to be comfortable
  • Move in ways your body wants to move until the timer beeps.

Post Script (or PS)
Acknowledgement and gratitude to:

Geauga County Public Library (Ohio)
Facilitators: Patrick Culliton and Christina Mihalic.
Bloggers: Kat, Bridgette, William, Tom, Maggie, Naomi, Edie, Leo, Jennifer, Allison, and Annette.
My followers and supporters.
Special thanks to Amrita Daigle and Patricia Brinkman for your support.